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Wrist watch WobL Watch Pink

Wrist watch WobL Watch Pink

42 €

Watch with 8 independent time alarms with vibration or sound and periodic auto-repeat alarm. Reminds the user to empty the bladder, take their medication, etc.




WobL Watch is a digital wristwatch that alerts by vibration or sound on specific times. Can be set to alarm up to eight specific times per day or at regular intervals (eg. every two hours). The alarm will alert discreetly to remind children or adults that they must empty the bladder during the day. Also used as medication or diabetes reminder.


  • The smallest wrist watch with alarm and vibration.
  • 8 adjustable, independent alarm times per day.
  • Periodic auto repeat alarms (from 30 min to 24 h).
  • Combined clock and stopwatch.
  • Choice between either sound or vibration.
  • Child lock prevents unintended changes.
  • 6 months guarantee.
  • Battery CR2032. Vibrating Watches requires more power and the battery may need to be replaced several times a year.
  • Color silver/pink, black/blue or black/silver.
  • Small bracelet in a comfortable, soft velcro.
  • Water resistant, can withstand accidental splashing, but should not be used near water, during bathing or swimming.