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Wearable alarm Wet-Stop3 Green

Wearable alarm Wet-Stop3 Green

66 €

Functional bedwetting alarm that is easy to carry. The alarm consists of a moisture-sensitive sensor that is connected to an alarm box attached to the shoulder.




The wearable alarm Wet-Stop3 is a functional alarm in user-friendly design.

The alarm consists of a moisture-sensitive sensor that is connected to an alarm box with a cord. When the sensor detects enough moisture the alarm box sounds and wake's up the child.

One standard package includes: 1 x sensor with plastic easy-clip, 1 x alarm box connected to the sensor. Batteries are not included.

Manufacture in USA.
Manufactured in China.


  • Sensor that is attached with a plastic clip outside of the underwear.
  • The sensor discovers moisture from the child's own underwear after the first few drops.
  • Alarm box that is connected to the sensor with a cord. Attached at the shoulder to the pyjamas/ nightdress with the included magnet or a safety pin.
  • Can be used with all types of underwear.
  • The alarm box has up to 5 variable signals and vibration. No volume control.
  • A small lever easily switch between sound and vibration, only sound or only vibration.
  • Lightweight and small size alarm.
  • Light green, pink or blue colour.
  • Warranty 1 year from the manufacturer (see user instructions).
  • CD with information in English/Spanish is included.
  • Powered by batteries (not included). Alarm box 2 x AAA batteries.


  • Attach the plastic clip containing the sensor outside the child's underwear/ panties at bed time.
  • The sensor is connected through a cord to the alarm box that is attached to the pyjamas/ nightdress at the shoulder. The cord should be placed under the pyjamas/ nightdress.
  • When the child wets in the bed, the alarm box signals near the ear and wakes up the child.
  • The alarm signal continues until the reset button is pushed. This is to ensure that the child and parents wake up to the sound before the alarm is swithed off.
  • Signal is set so that the child will wake up. 
  • Clean the sensor with a dry cloth after each time using the alarm.

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