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Wearable alarm Malem Ultimate Kamo

Wearable alarm Malem Ultimate Kamo

110 €

Well-designed bedwetting alarm that is easy to carry. The alarm consists of a moisture-sensitive sensor that is connected to an alarm box attached to the shoulder.




The wearable alarm Malem Ultimate is an easy and user-friendly alarm with good design. 

The alarm consists of a moisture-sensitive sensor that is connected to an alarm box with a cord. When the sensor detects enough moisture the alarm box sounds and wake's up the child.

One standard package includes: 1 x sensor with plastic easy-clip, 1 x alarm box connected to the sensor. Batteries are included.

Manufactured in UK.


  • Sensor that is attached with an easy plastic clip (easy-clip) outside of the underwear.
  • Reliable sensor that discovers moisture from the child's own underwear after the first few drops, but is protected in plastic so it won't react to less moisture from body heat or sweating.
  • Alarm box that is connected to the sensor with a cord. Attached at the shoulder to the pyjamas/ nightdress.
  • Can be used with all types of underwear.
  • The alarm box has 1-8 selectable ring tones or eight randomized signals, vibration and light. Volume control.
  • A small lever easily switch between sound and vibration, only sound or only vibration.
  • Lightweight and small size alarm.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Powered by batteries. Alarm box 2x1, 5 volt AA alkaline batteries or equivalent.


  • Attach the plastic clip (easy-clip) containing the sensor outside the child's underwear/ panties at bed time.
  • The sensor is connected through a cord to the alarm box that is attached to the pyjamas/ nightdress at the shoulder. The cord should be placed under the pyjamas/ nightdress.
  • When the child wets in the bed, the alarm box signals near the ear and wakes up the child.
  • The alarm signal continues until the reset button is pushed. This is to ensure that the child and parents wake up to the sound before the alarm is swithed off.
  • Volume and tone are set so that the child should be able to wake up.
  • Clean the sensor with soap and water after a using the alarm a few times to prevent odour.