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Pyjama pant Pjama shorts

Pyjama pant Pjama shorts

61 €

Soft and convenient waterproof and very absorbent pyjama pants that holds a large amount of liquid without leaking. A discrete and easy solution.



Waterproof and absorbent pyjama shorts that can hold a large amount of liquid without leaking. The pants are very soft and comfortable, in a bit thicker material than ordinary pyjama pants. An easy and discrete solution to prevent accidents and easy to bring at for example sleep overs. There is no need to change bedding as the pyjama protects sheets and mattress as well as the bed linnen. 


  • Waterproof and absorbent pyjama shorts that holds a large amount of liquid.
  • Can be machine washed up to 60°C.
  • Should not be tumble dried, do not iron, dry clean or bleech the pants. Do NOT use a softener. 
  • The pyjama pants have a slightly longer drying time than ordinary pants.
  • The drying time can be decreased if the pants are turned insideout before washing. Drying in a drying cabinet is allowed as long as the temperature is below 60°C.
  • Is good to wash the pants once before use. This makes the pants more flexible.
  • Looks and feels just like ordinary pyjama pants. Doesn't rustle.
  • Available in waist size S (small), R (regular) and W (wide).


98/104S51 - 55 cm
98/104R55 - 58 cm
98/104W> 58 cm 
110/116S52 - 57 cm
110/116R57 - 60 cm
110/116W> 60 cm
122/128S54 - 59 cm
122/128R59 - 63 cm
122/128W> 63 cm
134/140S57 - 62 cm
134/140R62 - 67 cm
134/140W>67 cm
146/152S60 - 66 cm
146/152R66 - 71 cm
146/152W> 71 cm
158/164S64 - 70 cm
158/164R70 - 75 cm
158/164W         >75 cm