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Picture of Urine stain and odour remover

Urine stain and odour remover

From 13 €

Ecodor stain and odour remover consists of 100% natural ingredients. For quick and efficient removal of urine stain and odour.

Picture of Urine odour remover

Urine odour remover

From 14 €

Ecodor UF2000 is an effective odour neutraliser. Removes unwanted urine smell effectively and environmentally with unharmful, vegetable extracts.

Picture of Dermatological emulsion Atopica

Dermatological emulsion Atopica

11 €

Protective skin emulsion for sensitive skin in children and adults, soothes irritated skin. 50 ml.

Picture of Dermatological cleansing oil Idrolio

Dermatological cleansing oil Idrolio

9 €

Delicate and complete cleansing for the body by affinity of sensitive skin, such as the skin of children and people with seborrhoeic or very dry skin, sores, diabetic foot, etc.