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Flanelette standard bed

Flanelette standard bed

26 €

Bed protection in soft, comfortable cotton flanelette that breathes. 100% waterproof and good absorption. Elastic ribbons around the corners. Sizes 90, 105 and 120 x 200 cm.




Bed protection in soft, comfortable cotton flanelette that breathes. Convenient to sleep on, doesn't rustle. Consists of flanelette with dense, soft cotton with a good absorption. One-sided flanelette with 100% water proof with polyurethane layer.

For persons that wants an soft and sustainable bed protection. Protects against liquid and also hygenic against mites and bacteria.

All material is free from harmful chemicals and suitable to use for small children as well as sensitive and allergic persons.


  • Mattress sizes 90x200, 105x200 and 120x200 cm with elastic ribbon around the corners.
  • Smaller size for baby stroller and baby cot 75x100 cm and 100x150 cm without ribbons. 
  • Wash in up to 95°.
  • 100% cotton.
  • 100% waterproof biodegradable polyurethane layer. PVC-free.
  • 3 layers polyurethane, reusable unlimited times.
  • All material is certified according to ÖkoTex standard 100, which means its biodegradable and free from unhealthy chemicals.
  • Manufactured in Europe.

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