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Five new tips

1. Let the child get used to the alarm. De-dramatize by talking about the alarm or let it be part of the game. Feel free to let the child feel ownership.


2. Especially slightly older children can grow with increased responsibility. How does the alarm work? How do I assemble it? How do I turn off etc? If the child wants and feels motivated - let the child learn for himself.


3. It happens that children do not wake up from the alarm for the first time. Therefore, sleep close to the child and help to wake up when the alarm goes off.


4. If the child does not wake up. Try to wake up calmly and controlled. A stressful awakening can create resistance, decreased desire and discomfort.


5. As far as possible - choose a slightly calmer period. With fewer disturbances, it becomes easier to focus, which in turn gives clearer and faster results.


Good luck!