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White pants to Rodger wireless alarm - Boy

White pants to Rodger wireless alarm - Boy

28 €

Moisture-sensitive underpant to wireless alarm Rodger. Boy model.

SKU: BRO02033-065



Rodger wireless alarm is an easy and comfortable alarm to wear, with a minor impact on sleeping comfort at night. The alarm consists of 2-3 pairs of underpants that each contains a moisture-sensitive sensor, that is connected to a transmitter and a receiver in form of an alarm box. When the sensor in the underpants detects enough moisture the transmitter will send a wireless signal to the alarm box that sounds and wakes up the child. 

2-3 pairs of moisture-sensitive underwear are included in the package and extra underpants can be bought here. Available sizes 116, 128, 140, 152, 164, 176, 188. Other sizes upon request. 


  • Soft underpants in white cotton
  • The used underwear must be washed after each usage. First, remove the transmitter, then the used underwear may be machine washed in up to 60°C. The Rodger underwear should not be washed by hand. Can be tumble dried. 

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