Urine stain and odour remover

Ecodor stain and odour remover consists of 100% natural ingredients. For quick and efficient removal of urine stain and odour.


Ecopet odour and stain remover is a bio-spray which removes unpleasant smells & spots from urine.
In contrast to the ordinary air refreshing products, Ecopet removes the undesirable smell instead of masking it with an air scent.

In addition to removing undesirable urine smells and odours, Ecopet removes stains and spots of excrement and/or vomit which can stain e.g. textile. The product is suitable for the removal of general stains caused by red wine, sauces etc.

The spot remover removes tough stains from e.g. clothing, carpets, textile, duvets, chairs, lounges or couches, coverlet, mats, car seats, car interiors, etc.

Available as 100 ml, 200 ml eco friendly re-fillable pump spray and 1 liter re-fill bottle. 

Picture of Urinfläck- och luktborttagningsmedel Ecopet 0,3
Urinfläck- och luktborttagningsmedel Ecopet 0,3
1 x 250 ml pumpsprayflaska, påfyllningsbar
SKU: A16002
14 €
Picture of Urinfläck- och luktborttagningsmedel
Urinfläck- och luktborttagningsmedel
1 x 1 liter påfyllningsflaska
SKU: A16003
27 €