Urine odour remover

Ecodor UF2000 is an effective odour neutraliser. Removes unwanted urine smell effectively and environmentally with unharmful, vegetable extracts.


UF2000 is a strong urine odour neutraliser. It is an effective urine odour remover and offers an environmental friendly solution for the smell of urine.

Doesn't cover the urine smell, but instead neutralise it with vegetable extracts. Effective for urine odour that has penetrated concrete, stone, parquet, laminate, wood or seams, as well as to remove the wee smell from furniture, carpets, vinyl or other fabrics. 

Picture of Urinluktborttagningsmedel UF2000 0,5
Urinluktborttagningsmedel UF2000 0,5
1 x 500 ml trycksprayflaska
SKU: A16004
13 €
Picture of Urinluktborttagningsmedel UF2000 1,0
Urinluktborttagningsmedel UF2000 1,0
SKU: A16005
22 €