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Complete package bed mat alarm Wetbell

Complete package bed mat alarm Wetbell

142 €

Bedwetting alarm with detector mat. An easy and well proven alarm consisting of a moisture-sensitive plastic pad connected to a signal box apart from the bed.

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Bedwetting alarm with so-called detector mat (bed pad) is a proven and common method. The alarm mat consists of a moisture-sensitive plastic pad. This is fixed with elastic straps under a sheet on the bed and connected to a signal box apart from the bed. When liquid comes in contact with the pad the signal box makes a sound that awakens the sleeping child.

A standard package includes: 1 x bed mat alarm, 1 x signal box. Batteries are included.

Alarm mat and signal box can be purchased separately. A fixating sheet is recommended to attach over the alarm.

Manufacture in Sweden.


  • Easy, well established treatment method.
  • The child doesn’t need to attach any alarm on its body and does not need to sleep with a pyjamas/night dress.
  • The alarm’s sensitivity can be tuned in so it doesn’t alarm to moisture from skin heating and sweating.
  • Loud signal that awakens the child.
  • Lamp is lightening when the alarm sounds in order find the alarm box in the darkness.
  • Plastic pad that is easy to wipe off, clean and use again.
  • Straps attaches the alarm firmly to the mattress or bed.
  •  Fixating sheets can be placed over the bed mat to keep it in place and makes it comfortable to sleep on.


  • Make the bed with a mattress protection sheet, for example a terry cloth.
  • The plastic bed mat (detector mat) is placed over the terry cloth where the pee could come.
  • The mat is fixated around the mattress with elastic straps.
  • The alarm box is connected to the bed mat.
  • Fixate a sheet over the bed mat so it remains stable together with the wire.
  • The signal box should be placed apart from the bed so the child must get out of the bed and switch it off.

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