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Absorbing underpants Pull-ons

Absorbing underpants Pull-ons

19 €

Absorping pull-ups that keeps dry all night. For bigger children and adults, in sizes small, medium, large and x-large. Package size 14 pieces.



Attends pull-ons 8 is a highly absorbing pull-up pant for heavy incontinence. It's easy to pull on and off as a regular underwear and can be used directly underneath the clothes daytime as well as nigttime. The underpant is soft, comfortable and discreetly white. Doesn't rustle.

Suitable for a bit bigger children, adult men and women.


  • Flexibility that gives a good shape for both small and big persons.
  • Incontinence protection that is suitable for both day and night time. Keeps dry all night.
  • Super absorbents keeps fluid and unwanted smell within the protection.
  • Barrier layer that breathes and keeps the fluid at the same time.
  • For both men and women as well as bigger children.
  • Sizes Small: 56-75 cm (waist), Medium: 70-110 cm (waist), Large: 100-140 cm (waist), X-large: 130-170 cm (waist).
  • Package size 14 pieces.
  • Manufacturer in Sweden.