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Absorbing incontinence protection Slip Regular

Absorbing incontinence protection Slip Regular

24 €

Absorbing incontinence protection that keeps dry all night. Secured with 4 re-fixating tapes. For bigger children and adults, in sizes small, medium and large. Package size 28 pieces.



Attends Slip Regular 10 is a highly absorbing protection for heavy incontinence. The protection is an all-in-one protection with anatomic shape and classic fastening with 4 re-fixating tapes. It is comfortable to wear and has a discreete white colour. The core contains a patent Quick-Dry technology that provides a good dryness against the skin. To be used for incontinence both daytime and nighttime.

Suitable for a bit bigger children, adult men and women.


  • Incontinence protection that is suitable for both day and night time. Keeps dry all night.
  • Classic fastening with 4 re-fixating tapes that makes it easy to adjust and put on/off.
  • Soft benelastic follows the body anatomically.
  • Quick-dry technology and 3-layer absorption core provides dryness and good skincare.
  • Odour protection reduces the risk for smell.
  • Sizes S (50-90 cm), M (80-110 cm) och L (100-150 cm).
  • Colour white.
  • For both men and women as well as bigger children.
  • Package size 28 pieces.
  • Manufacturer in Sweden.