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Absoplus 60 x 120

Absoplus 60 x 120

37 €

Absoplus is a high absorbent protection underpad (up to 2 l/m²). Also protects the sheet as it keeps the liquid inside.




Absoplus is a waterproof underpad with very high absorption (up to 2 l/m²). Protects both mattress and sheet as it keeps the liquid inside. One can sleep directly on the underpad, enabeling a quick change after urine leakage and leaves the top layer on the sleeping side quickly dry. Hygienic protection for medical and incontinence purposes.


  • Size 60x120 cm with bed flaps, suitable for normal bed as well as baby cot.
  • Very high absorption (up to 2 l/m²).
  • Washable up to 95°C.
  • 100% water proof with polyurethan membrane that breathes
  • Composed by 5 functional 100% PES layers (quilted/needleloom) :
  1. Layer face side / sleeping side (=white ) in 100% PES velour, offering a good comfort and cozy softness.
  2. Layer in 100% PES highloft - ball fibers
  3. Layer in 100% PES absorbent needlepunch
  4. Layer in 100% PU-Polyurethan water proof membrane
  5. Layer reverse/ back fitted sheet or mattress side (blue) in PES velour with slight anti-glide effect.
  • Ideal for incontinence and for the heavy bedwetter.
  • Possible to sleep directly on the protection pad, enabling a quick change after wetting the bed.
  • The high absorption capacity lasts up to 120 washes.
  • Material is certified according to ÖkoTex 100 standard, class I, which means it's biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Manufactured in Europe.