Wireless alarm Stero Enurex Funk Klingelhose

Wireless alarm Stero Enurex Funk. Bedwetting alarm with a moisture-sensitive underpant connected to a wireless transmittor and a receiving alarmbox.
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Stero Enurex Funk wireless alarm is an easy and comfortable alarm to wear, with minor impact on the sleeping comfort at night. The alarm consists of 3 pairs of underpants that each contains a moisture-sensitive sensor, that is connected to a transmitter and a receiver in form of an alarm box. When the sensor in the underpants detects enough moisture the transmitter will send a wireless signal to the alarm box that sounds and wakes up the child.

A wireless alarm is an alternative to children who doesn't like to sleep with pyjamas/ nightdress or for those who want a mobile alarm without a cord under the pyjamas / nightdress.

Included with the alarm is a decal in shape of a plastic frog that can be put on the bath room wall. The child needs to go into the bathroom and use the frog in order to switch off the alarm. This helps the progress to learn to go to the toilet when the alarm is triggered.

A standard package includes: 3 x white cotton underpants, 1 x transmittor connected to the underpants, 1 x receiver in form of an alarmbox, 1 x plastic frog. Battery is included.


  • 3 pairs of moisture-sensitive underwear, available sizes 104-116, 122-140, 146-164, 170-182. Other sizes upon request. 
  • Transmitter that is attached to the underwear buttons, connecting it to the sensor. 
  • Reliable sensor sewed in the pants that discovers moisture after the first few drops.
  • Recipient (alarm box) with one signal. Volume control. 
  • The receiver can be operated either with a power cord of battery. 
  • A plastic frog is used to switch off the alarm, by slowly moving the frog over the transmitter. The frog is magnetic and should be attached away from the bed or in the bath room in order to help the child getting up from bed to deactivate the alarm. 
  • No cord under pyjamas/ nightdress and no alarm box attached on the shoulder.
  • Easy and comfortable to use with any type of pyjamas/ nightdress.
  • Powered by batteries or cord. Transmitter, 1x3 volt CR2303 battery. Alarm box either powered by cord or battery. Transmitter battery is included.
  • Additional receiver (alarm box) can be purchased extra to be placed in the parents room.


  • First try on the underwear over the child's normal underwear. If the size doesn't fit, any unused or unwashed underwear can be returned and a new size will then be provided free of charge. Please note that the underwear shrink somewhat when washed the first time.
  • Put on the underwear at bed time.
  • The transmitter is attached to the underwear buttons.
  • The receiver (alarm box) is placed in the child's room.
  • The family choose themselves where to put the alarm in the room. It is important that the child hear the alarm so it will learn to go up the signal and eventually to a full bladder. The frog that is used to deactivate the alarm should be placed far enough from the bed so the child can not turn the alarm off without getting out of bed, preferable put on the bathroom wall.
  • When the child wets the bed, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver (alarm box) that alarms and wake up the child.
  • The alarm signal continues until the frog is slowly moved over the transmitter and deactivates the alarm. This is to ensure that the child and parents wake up to the sound and that the child gets out of bed to turn off the alarm.
  • Volume is set so that the child should be able to wake up.
  • Place the other two pairs of underwear ideally in the bath room. The child can then put on a clean pair of underwear and put on the transnmittor before going back to bed at night.  
  • The used underwear must be washed after each usage. First remove the transmittor, then put the used underwear directly in a bowl of water and standard detergent or wash immediately in up to 60°C. The underwear should not be tumble dried, but can be dried on a radiator. 
  • Obs! Never immerse alarm unit or transmitter in water. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.