Wireless alarm


Wireless alarm is a popular alternative to the other alarms. The wireless alarm is discreet, easy to bring and can be preferred for children who do not like wearing a pyjamas or nightdress. A moisture-sensitive sensor that reacts to moisture directly in the underwear, is connected to a transmitter that is attached to the underwear. When liquid comes in contact with the sensor, the transmiter sends a wireless signal to the alarm box that alarms and wakes up the sleeping child. The alarm unit can be placed anywhere in the child's room.

Extra pants Rodger wireless alarm - girl

Moisture-sensitive underpant to wireless alarm Rodger. Girl model.

30 €

Extra pants Stero Enurex Funk Klingelhose

Moisture-sensitive underpant to wireless alarm Stero Enurex Funk Klingelhose

40 €

Rodger extra alarm transmitter

1 x transmittor

46 €

Rodger extra alarm receiver

1 x receiver

56 €